Political Communication in Networked Societies

New volume of Northern Lights

Volume editors: Eli Skogerbø and Risto Kunelius
ISSN: 1601829X. Online ISSN: 20400586. Volume 15, issue 1, chief editor: Stig Hjarvard.
Website at Intellect Press: https://www.intellectbooks.co.uk/journals/view-issue,id=3367/

Table of content

Editorial: Introduction – political communication in networked societies. Authors: Skogerbø, Eli; Kunelius, Risto.

Political communication in an age of visual connectivity: Exploring Instagram practices among Swedish politicians. Authors: Ekman, Mattias; Widholm, Andreas.

Facebook and local newspapers’ effect on local politicians’ popularity. Authors: Elvestad, Eiri; Johannessen, Marius Rohde.

Translocal empowerment communication: Mediated networks of civil society organizations for political empowerment. Author: Kannengießer, Sigrid.

Video activism in the Brazilian protests: Genres, narratives and political participation. Authors: de Sousa, Ana Lúcia Nunes; Cervi, Laura.

Image, self-presentation and political communication in the age of interconnection: An alternative understanding of the mediatization of politics. Author: Archetti, Cristina.

The mediatization of politics in the hybrid media system: The case of Italian political journalism. Authors: Splendore, Sergio; Rega, Rossella.

Facebook and political participation: Going beyond over-optimistic predictions. Author: Casteltrione, Isidoropaolo.

The world as seen by a Prime Minister: Italian PM Matteo Renzi on his spin doctor’s Instagram page. Author: Buscemi, Francesco.

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